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The e Inclusion: be part of it. Campaign is organised by the European Commission. More information on this action is available at http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/einclusion.  The European Commission bears no responsibility for, nor is it involved in, the events, documents or other manifestations associated or claiming to be associated with the campaign, unless indicated otherwise
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In this section you can find public project deliverables, available for browsing or downloading.

WP1: Management

D1: Description of the Project (March 2007)

WP2 – Collation and structuring of knowledge about Design for All

D2.1: Report on the impact of technological developments on eAccessibility (February 2008)

D2.2a: Report on standardisation and DfA (February 2008)

D2.2b: Report on policy and DfA (February 2008)

D2.3: Overview of European benchmarking activities (February 2008)

D2.4a: Contribution to active standardisation items (February 2009)

D2.4b: Proposal of new standardisation items (January 2010)

D2.5a: White Paper on Privacy and Security (February 2009)

D2.5b: White paper on “Health and Safety (December 2009)

D2.6: Document on necessary research activities related to DfA (December 2009)

WP3 – Resource Base

D3.1a version 2: Annual Reference report on the ARIADNE resource Centre (May 2008)

D3.1b: Annual Reference report on the ARIADNE resource Centre (February 2009)

D3.1c: Annual reference report on resources in the ARIADNE Resource Centre (December 2009)

D3.2a: Review report on DfA on the topics defined in WP2 (February 2008)

D3.2b: Review Report on DfA on Benchmarking (February 2009)

D3.2c: Review report on DfA on the topics defined in WP2 (January 2010)

D3.3a: Review Report on update of information and validation of the available information (February 2009)

D3.3b: Final Report on the Resource Base infrastructure and content (February 2010)

D3.4: Review report on update of information and “guided tours” through it (February 2010)

WP4 – Support and enhancement of virtual networking and data collection activities

D4.1a: Report on User requirements for the enhancement of the EDeAN web portal (February 2008)

D4.1b: Report on the enhanced EDeAN web portal infrastructure (August 2008)

D4.2: Report on the EDeAN web portal infrastructure (February 2010)

WP5 – Liaison with Industry

D5.1: Analysis of User Requirements in E-Accessibility Training Materials for Industry (February 2008)

D5.2: Exemplary Training Modules on eAccessability for industry training (February 2009)

D5.3: CWA Business Plan (May 2009)

D5.4: White paper: Recommendations for the development of eAccessibility training materials for the ICT industry. (February 2009)

WP6 – Training activities

D6.1: Training needs analysis and review of existing materials (July 2008)

D6.2: Identification and Evaluation of Case Studies (August 2008)

D6.3a: The production of syllabi for a range of DfA courses in ICT (November 2008)

D6.3b: Evaluation of syllabi with members of EDeAN and other interested parties (April 2010)

D6.4a: Report on the possibility of accreditation of DfA@eInclusion and dissemination of the information produced by this work package (October 2009)

D6.4b: Review of work package (February 2010)

WP7 – Dissemination and Outreach

D7.1: Report on set up and agenda for the Working group, project website, project brochure (October 2007)

D7.2: Midterm dissemination report (August 2008)

D7.3a & D7.3b: Press information set (including case examples) and targeted information sets (zipped) (December 2008)

D7.4: Dissemination report (February 2010)