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The e Inclusion: be part of it. Campaign is organised by the European Commission. More information on this action is available at http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/einclusion.  The European Commission bears no responsibility for, nor is it involved in, the events, documents or other manifestations associated or claiming to be associated with the campaign, unless indicated otherwise
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Welcome to the DfA@eInclusion Web site

Welcome to the web site of the IST Coordination Action “Design for All for eInclusion - DfA@eInclusion” (0033838). The project has now been officially completed. The activities of DfA@eInclusion continue under the umbrella of the European Design for All e-accessibility Network (EDeAN). In these pages you can find news and information about the project's objectives, activities and results.

All the project deliverables are available for downlading from the deliverables section.

Training course “Introduction to eAccessibility”

A training course package entitled “Introduction to eAccessibility” has recently been launched by FhG-FIT. The course was devised and tested as an exemplary course material and was partly funded by the DfA@eInclusion Coordination Action. FhG-FIT is one of the two organisations forming the EDeAN NCC for Germany, and partner of the DfA@eInclusion project.

The “Introduction to eAccessibility” is a course that introduces into the problems and solutions of creating web content that can be used by all, including disabled and elderly people. The course addresses professionals in ICT industry in order to motivate industry to take up Design for All principles when creating web services.

Additional information is available in the course package (zipped file).

Curriculum guidelines for teaching DfA (Masters programme and bachelor level introductory module)

The DfA@eInclusion Coordination Action was set up to contribute towards the advancement of eInclusion in Europe through fostering Design for All. As part of this programme curriculum guidelines have been developed to support training and education at Bachelor and Masters level and to provide professional development.

The aim of these curriculum guidelines in Design for All in ICT is to assist academics defining new courses, students who are looking for courses and employers who are looking to recruit qualified graduates who have a solid grounding in Design for All in ICT. Detailed information is available in the DfA curricula section.

DfA@eInclusion project Press Information Set

The Press Information Set of DfA@eInclusion contains useful information regarding the project, as well as a number of Good Practice Examples in Design for All, basic instructions to implement DfA, the Project fact sheet and EDeAN flyer, etc. You may download it from the link below. It is also available from the special "DFa@eInclusion" material section on the ARIADNE online Resource Centre at http://www.edean.org.
Press Information Set available for download (zipped file)

Recommended resources on Design for All

A list of selected resources on Design for All, recommended by the DfA@eInclusion project has been made available. You may download it from the link below. You may also browse through these resources through the designated section "Recommended resources" of the ARIADNE online Resource Centre at http://www.edean.org.
Recommended resources (pdf format)

Online survey about www.edean.org

The web portal of EDeAN was designed and developed in order to support the online activities of the network members and serve both as a communication tool and as an information gateway.

In the context of the DfA@eInclusion project, the portal has been re-designed and re-developed. The whole infrastructure now operates on a new technological platform, and a number of new features and functionalities have been introduced, offering the possibility of personalization of a variety of interaction and accessibility settings. Obviously, there will always be room for improvement, particularly as the tool is targeted to serve the needs of a continuously evolving community of users.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the current level of user satisfaction with the functionality offered by the site, identify its strengths and weaknesses and thus contribute to its improvement. You will need about 15 minutes to answer all questions, your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will greatly help us evaluate and improve the services offered.

The questionnaire is available online at:

For any questions or clarifications regarding this survey, you may contact Iosif Klironomos, at FORTH-ICS (email: iosif at ics.forth.gr)

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The Coordination Action DfA@eInclusion is a project funded by the European Commission, under the Information Society Technologies Programme, in the context of FP6. The project runs from 1/1/2007 to 31/12/2009.